Business Coach, Business Development Manager and Coordinator of ecoCoachCommunity - Executive and Business Coaching School. 

1990, Born and raised in Austria then second half of my childhood raised in the USA, currently living in Poland and supporting and growing small to medium sized businesses, including family run businesses, since 2012 for non-typical entrepreneurs. Traveled to many places on the globe most of which were business-trips  combined with some vacation. 

I specialize in business and executive coaching for expats, women, foreigners and young adults. I am a big believer in creativity and innovation which is relative to diversification. 10 years of business experience. I believe we can create more freedom, creativity and innovation if we get as many different kinds of people into business applying their natural talents so they can create value for society. 

Bachelors and Master in Management at Kozminski University and Accounting completed at Harvard. My whole education was based on running successful businesses with the best business practices available. Experience in creating strategies, goal-setting, creating healthy cultures in companies, agile methodology, start-ups and sales. I am a big enthusiast of quantum physics, psychology, humanity and the laws of the universe and love applying it to business. 

I believe an aware business person is more powerful than 1 million who are not. I believe everyone can reach their dreams if they know how. Working together, the dream will become the destination. You point where you want to go and I will show you how, no matter the cultural differences or barriers that you may encounter.